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1- Can use it directly to display characters, graphics and BMP format images. And touch  controlling is available;
2- Compatibility: As the SD card is connected to SPI pins of ICSP  interface, compatible with UNO R3 / Mega2560 / Leonardo
3- Touch screen type: resistive touch screen.
4- Touch Pen: length is 9cm;
5- Resolution: 240 X 400;
6- Display size: 3.2 inch;
7- Operating voltage: 5V;
8- Logic level: 5V / 3.3V;
9- On-board 3.3V / 300mA regulator circuit;
10- Operating current: the maximum is 150mA
11- Use the A0 - A3 pins, D4 - D13 pins. And  I2C interface, D0 / D1 / D2 / D3 is available, please refer to the product schematics for the details.
12- Onboard Micro SD slot, support Micro SD / TF Card;
13- Onboard LM75 temperature sensor: default I2C address is 0X48, the scale is -55 - 125 Deg.C
14 - Very suitable for the digital photo frame, oscilloscope, function generator, detection system monitor
15- Material: fiber components


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Package Contents: 1 x 3.2 inch TFT LCD Shield, 1 x Touch Pen

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